Estate Appraisal vs. Insurance Appraisal: Understanding the Difference

Estate Appraisal vs. Insurance Appraisal: Understanding the Difference

Are you in need of an appraisal for your jewelry but unsure about the types available? Understanding the difference between an estate appraisal and an insurance appraisal can help you determine the right choice for your needs. Let's delve into the distinctions between these two types of appraisals to guide you in making an informed decision.

Estate Appraisals

If you're considering selling your jewelry, whether to us or to a third party, an estate appraisal, also known as an estate evaluation, is what you'll need. Our estate buyer will examine your pieces, regardless of their condition, and provide an offer price. To ensure our evaluator is prepared for your visit, it's essential to schedule an appointment. Simply call or text us at 623-551-6892 and mention "Article Estate." To learn more about what to expect during your appointment, click here.

Insurance Appraisals

For those who have inherited family heirlooms, plan on keeping them, are switching insurances, or need to update their insurance plan, an insurance appraisal is necessary. We have a third-party appraiser from Arizona Gemological Laboratory visit us once a month for this purpose. Please bring any previous insurance appraisals or relevant information with you. To schedule an appointment with our appraiser, call or text us at 623-551-6892 and mention "Article Insurance Appraisal."

A few days before your appointment, a staff member will contact you to drop off your pieces. This step is crucial as we need to deep clean the pieces for our appraiser to evaluate them properly. Once your appraisal is complete, you'll receive a text message or call for pickup. You'll pay upon pickup and receive an email with a PDF attachment of your insurance appraisal, which you can forward to your insurance company.


Understanding the distinction between estate appraisals and insurance appraisals is key to selecting the right type of appraisal for your jewelry. Whether you're looking to sell or insure your pieces, our simple and easy process ensures a smooth experience. Should you have any questions or need further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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