Selling Your Jewelry? Here Is Everything to Prepare Before Walking Into Your Appointment

Selling Your Jewelry? Here Is Everything to Prepare Before Walking Into Your Appointment

If you are reading this article, you most likely are very interested in selling your jewelry, and have already scheduled your appointment with our estate evaluator. We are so very excited to sit down with you and make this an enjoyable experience.

You might be wondering to yourself, “What should I expect walking into my appointment?” “How much will I get for my pieces?” “How do the evaluators determine the value of my items?” etc. Don’t you worry! This article will help answer some of these questions and prep. you for a wonderful and productive estate-selling experience.

Before Your Appointment:

Before your appointment, although it’s not a necessary step it can help you’re appointment move more quickly… you’re more than welcome to separate your pieces into categories: 14K gold, 18K gold, silver, platinum, and luxury watches. If you're unsure about the material of some pieces, don't worry. Place those items in a separate bag and bring them; it's always worth having them evaluated.

Please bring any paperwork, receipts, past insurance appraisals, etc., with you on the day of your appointment.

To ensure a productive appointment, if you haven't already, please send photos of your respective pieces along with photos of your paperwork in advance. This will help our estate evaluators prepare for the appointment.

Don't forget to bring your ID or driver's license for identification.

Re-Evaluate Your Expectations:

We want to make your experience selling jewelry the best that it could possibly be. That is why we ask that you re-evaluate your expectations of what you want out of this appointment and what we can provide you with.

We have unfortunately seen far too many times that people come in with very unrealistic expectations. They bring their past insurance appraisals and expect that our evaluators will match that price point. If this is your expectation, you will most likely have to realign your goals and it may be best to consider becoming the retailer of that item to the end user directly. We’re always here to help explain what “Insurance Replacement Value,” “Retail Value,” “Fair Market Value,” and “Wholesale Value” are to make you feel more comfortable with the verbiage.

Our Honest Estate Buying Process:

We want to be transparent about our buying process. We like to make the analogy of selling your car to a salvage yard. When you sell a car to a salvage yard, the buyer salvages the parts that are still usable and sells the remaining scrap metal to a refinery.

The same principle applies in the jewelry industry. While we may be able to restore your piece as-is, we typically buy based on the metal weight. If we assess the stones for quality and believe our jewelers could repurpose them, we may offer a higher price for the entire piece. You can then decide if you want us to remove the stones or sell the piece as-is.

This is why our prices may be lower than what you paid for the piece; we are primarily valuing the precious metal, not the design unless it is a signed designer piece with a good potential for resale value.

Many jewelry stores are hesitant to explain this process fully, as it can remove some of the mystery and allure. However, at Andrew Z Diamonds, we believe in transparency. We want our customers to understand our process so they can decide if we are the right fit for them.

We understand that we may not always be the right buyer for everyone, but we will always be honest with you.

What Should I Expect Walking Into My Appointment?

When you arrive, Andrew Z Diamonds has a doorbell for added security measures to make our customers feel safe and at home. We ask that you kindly ring the doorbell. Once you do so, a sales associate will open the door to greet you. They will ask how they can help you and at this time you can let them know that you are here for your estate evaluation appointment. They will get you a cold beverage of your choice and seat you at an appointment table. There will be a tray there where you will be able to place your separated items by category.

At this time, the estate evaluator will take a look at the pieces. They may have to take the items to one of the back benches to look at the materials and or gemstones under our high-powered jewelers' microscopes.

How Long Will My Appointment Take?

Based on how many pieces you bring in, the metals, and gemstones, it could take anywhere from 15 minutes to a few days. Generally speaking, most people are here for about 30 minutes to 1 hour.

How Much Will I Get For My Pieces?

The pricing of your items is most likely based on the metal market, which fluctuates daily. Some days or seasons may have higher prices than others.

If your pieces contain gemstones, the evaluator may offer a higher price for the stones if they are salvageable or in demand.

Do I Have to Sell?

We want your experience to be enjoyable and stress-free. We strive to make the appointment as low-pressure as possible. We will never force you to sell your pieces. We understand that your jewelry may hold sentimental value, and we respect that it might take time to decide. You are welcome to come back at any time. However, please note that offer prices are subject to change once you leave the premises and will have to be reevaluated if you decide to come back and move forward with the transaction.

How and When Will I Get Paid?

Once you decide on the pieces you would like to sell, we will write you a check for the agreed-upon price. We will also take a scan of your driver's license and ask you to sign a form acknowledging the sale. That's it! You can walk out the door with a check and a smile.

We hope that this blog helps prepare you for your upcoming appointment. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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