Papa in military uniform next to a statue

Travel to the U.S.

Our story begins when Andrew's father, affectionately known as Papa, began his journey to America from Poland. Papa fled Poland as a young man and served in the Polish Division of the Royal Air Force in World War II. It was there in England where he met his beautiful bride Margaret. As they began their life together, they felt a calling in their hearts to journey to the United States. Upon immigrating to the U.S., Papa joined the United States Army Air Corps as a machinist. Using the GI Bill, he went to school to learn watchmaking, and in 1949, opened his first jewelry store in New York.

Someone looking through a chain link fence at New York City in black and white

New York

Papa took to watchmaking with passion and his experience as a meticulous machinist proved to be a benefit. He enjoyed creating and repairing timepieces with all of their intricate inner workings. As the business grew, Papa knew he was ready to take it to the next level and he entered the world of fine jewelry. With the help of his family, he began designing and creating unique pieces that quickly caught the attention of local customers. Over time, the Zychowski family's focus shifted from just watches to both watches and jewelry. It was from that moment they decided to open their first jewelry store in New York City.

Andrew (left man in photo), Margaret (center woman in photo), and Papa (man to the right in photo)

New Jersey

Papa's humble store in New Jersey blossomed over time, becoming a cherished family legacy. Andrew, Papa's eldest, grew up in the shop, learning the ropes from a tender age. As he matured, he shouldered increasing responsibilities, honing his skills with every task, big or small. After 26 years at the helm, Papa entrusted the keys to his son, Andrew, and his wife, Beth, passing on not just a business, but a cherished heritage. Together, they embarked on a new chapter, raising their own children while nurturing the legacy that had been so lovingly passed down to them.

Andrew at Andrew Z showcasing some necklaces


In the early 2000s, Andrew and Beth made a bold decision to close their successful New Jersey store and start anew in sunny Arizona. Enamored by the small-town charm of Anthem, they opened a modest office, offering jewelry sales and services by appointment only. Their passion and commitment to excellence quickly endeared them to the community, prompting them to expand into a full-service store in the Anthem Marketplace by 2005. Since then, Andrew Z Diamonds has been a cherished part of the Anthem community, welcoming customers into their extended family with warmth and expertise.

Scott and Jessi Zychowski at the Anthem Area Chamber of Commerce

The Next Generation

Scott grew up witnessing the dedication and hard work that built his family's enduring legacy. Inspired by this heritage, he answered the entrepreneurial call in his heart and joined his parents at the store in 2009. By 2019, Scott and his wife Jessi had taken over ownership, running the store with their devoted staff, whom they consider family. Together, they cherish their family's history and delight in sharing it with their children, the future custodians of their legacy. As their story continues to unfold, they invite you to be a part of their journey!

Our Heart

Our heart goes beyond jewelry; it is for people and for their stories. We are here for you.