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The Kenzie: 9ct Cushion Cut Diamond

The Kenzie: 9ct Cushion Cut Diamond

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Introducing the breathtaking 9ct cushion diamond—a true beauty that radiates elegance and radiance. The cushion cut, with its rounded square shape and gently rounded corners, exudes a vintage charm that never goes out of style. The Kenzie, weighing an impressive 9 carats, demands attention with its substantial size and undeniable presence. It adds that touch of luxury and grandeur to any occasion with meticulously crafted facets that enhance its natural beauty, creating a stunning display of light that dazzles the eye. With a color grade of J and clarity grade of SI1, this diamond exhibits a mesmerizing balance of color and clarity. The sheer beauty of this diamond will leave all who lay eyes on it in awe.

Quick Specs:

1. 9ct cushion diamond

2. Color J and Clarity SI1

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