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The Callista: 3.5ct Round Diamond

The Callista: 3.5ct Round Diamond

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Introducing The Callista, a breathtaking masterpiece that harmoniously combines size, color, and clarity. With a remarkable weight of 3.5 carats, this diamond commands attention with its captivating presence. The round cut of The Callista is expertly designed to maximize its brilliance and sparkle, enchanting onlookers from every angle. Its warm K color grade adds a romantic glow and a touch of unique charm, while the remarkable VS1 clarity ensures a nearly flawless appearance that radiates beauty and brilliance. The Callista is a true gem of distinction, destined to become the centerpiece of any jewelry piece, captivating hearts with its exquisite elegance and timeless allure.

Quick Specs: 

1. 3.5ct Round Diamond

2. K Coloring and VS1 Clarity 

3. GIA Certified

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