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Andrew Z Stock

Trinity: White 14K With 1.90Ct Trillion Cut Diamond

Trinity: White 14K With 1.90Ct Trillion Cut Diamond

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Experience the epitome of elegance with "The Trinity" necklace, where innovation meets luxury. Crafted in pristine white 14K gold, this necklace showcases a captivating 1.90-carat trillion-cut diamond, radiating a mesmerizing play of light. The diamond's contemporary angles harmonize with the timeless allure of the gold setting, symbolizing unity and strength. Whether worn as a declaration of eternal love or an embodiment of modern sophistication, "The Trinity" redefines conventional beauty, encapsulating artistry and luxury in a single, exceptional piece.

Quick Specs:
1. 14K White Gold
2. 1.90ct Trillion Cut Diamond
3. SI1 Clarity and K Coloring
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