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Andrew Z Stock

Shimmering Sands: 14K Yellow 1.12TW Diamonds Ring

Shimmering Sands: 14K Yellow 1.12TW Diamonds Ring

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Shimmering Sands 14K Yellow Gold Ring, decked out with a mesmerizing collection of 1.12 total carat weight diamonds, each one shining like a little star. Picture this ring as a slice of beach paradise, where the golden sun meets the sparkling sands. Its design flows freely, just like the waves, and every diamond feels like a tiny grain of sand catching the light. Wearing the "Shimmering Sands" feels like carrying a piece of that serene beauty with you, adding a touch of luxury and timeless elegance to any occasion.

Quick Specs:
1. 14K Yellow
2. 1.12TW Diamonds
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