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Andrew Z Stock

Royal Rope: 14K Yellow Gold 24" Rope Chain

Royal Rope: 14K Yellow Gold 24" Rope Chain

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The "Royal Rope" is an exceptional 14K Yellow Gold 24" Rope Chain, weighing 18.8 grams, that epitomizes both grandeur and craftsmanship. Its meticulously designed links, reminiscent of intricately woven ropes, exude a regal aura that captures attention. Crafted from 14K yellow gold, the chain's weightiness and exquisite detailing reflect its high-quality construction. With a length of 24 inches, the chain drapes elegantly, offering a canvas for personalization with pendants or a standalone statement of opulence. The "Royal Rope" chain seamlessly marries tradition and luxury, making it a captivating addition to any jewelry collection, destined to elevate the wearer's style with a touch of majestic splendor.

Quick Specs:
1. 14K Yellow Gold
2. Rope Chain
3. Lobster Claw Clasp
4. 24" long
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