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Radiant Raya: 2.01ct Radiant Diamond

Radiant Raya: 2.01ct Radiant Diamond

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Introducing "Radiant Raya," a captivating 2.01 carat radiant diamond that exudes timeless beauty and brilliance. With its warm J color grade and exquisite SI1 clarity, this diamond embodies a perfect balance of radiance and purity. The radiant cut, with its rectangular shape and cropped corners, amplifies the diamond's ability to reflect and refract light, resulting in a mesmerizing display of sparkle and fire. Whether showcased in a solitaire setting or adorned with complementary gemstones, "Radiant Raya" is destined to be a stunning centerpiece that commands attention and evokes awe with its captivating radiance and exquisite allure.

Quick Specs: 

1. 2.01ct Radiant Diamond

2. J Color with SI1 Clarity 

3. GIA Certified 

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