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Kara: White Gold Plated Padlock Charm Necklace

Kara: White Gold Plated Padlock Charm Necklace

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Introducing "Kara," a necklace that combines contemporary charm with classic elegance through its white gold-plated padlock design. This piece features a meticulously crafted padlock charm suspended from a delicate chain, symbolizing both sophistication and the enduring allure of timeless motifs. The design embodies grace and the exquisite beauty of simplicity, offering a versatile accessory that adds a touch of refined luxury to any ensemble. "Kara" necklace is a true embodiment of grace and the appreciation for classic jewelry themes, symbolizing the timeless allure of padlock-inspired designs. With meticulous craftsmanship and the gleam of white gold plating, this necklace becomes a symbol of elegance and a tribute to the enduring charm of iconic symbols. Wear "Kara" to carry the essence of classic style with you, wherever you go, as a radiant reminder of the beauty found in both tradition and contemporary fashion.

Quick Specs:

1. White Gold Plated
2. Length: 16"
2. Paper Clip Chain
3. Padlock Pendant
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