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Heart Cross: 14k Diamond Cross Pendant

Heart Cross: 14k Diamond Cross Pendant

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Introducing the "Heart Cross," a pendant that intertwines faith and love in a stunning display. Crafted in elegant 14K gold and adorned with sparkling diamonds, this pendant features a delicate cross with arms that gracefully form into hearts. The shimmering diamonds add a touch of brilliance to the design, creating a harmonious fusion of faith and affection. The "Heart Cross" pendant is a true embodiment of devotion and compassion, offering a timeless accessory that carries both spiritual and sentimental significance. With its meticulous craftsmanship and the radiant diamonds, this pendant becomes a cherished symbol of faith and love. Wear the "Heart Cross" to keep your beliefs and affections close to your heart, radiating an aura of meaning and beauty wherever you go.

Quick Specs:

1. 14K Yellow Gold
2. 27mm Length by 15mm Width
3. Small Round Diamond in Center
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