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Curvy Cross: White 14K Drop Cross Pendant

Curvy Cross: White 14K Drop Cross Pendant

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Introducing the "Curvy Cross," a pendant that reimagines tradition with a modern twist. Crafted in elegant white 14K gold, this pendant features a unique drop-shaped cross design that adds a touch of contemporary elegance. The smooth and flowing lines of the cross create a sense of movement and grace. The "Curvy Cross" pendant is a true embodiment of timeless spirituality with a fresh perspective, offering an accessory that harmonizes tradition and innovation. With its meticulous craftsmanship and the purity of white gold, this pendant becomes a wearable symbol of faith that transcends convention. Wear the "Curvy Cross" to express your beliefs with a touch of modern sophistication, embodying a balance between tradition and individuality in your style.

Quick Specs:

1. 23mm x 16.5mm
2. 14K White Gold
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