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Bull Rider: 14K Yellow Gold Bull Necklace

Bull Rider: 14K Yellow Gold Bull Necklace

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Introducing "Bull Rider," a necklace that pays homage to the exhilarating world of bull riding in radiant 14K yellow gold. Crafted with the gleam of gold, this piece features a dynamic bull-shaped pendant, capturing the fearless spirit and adrenaline rush of rodeo cowboys. The design embodies both sophistication and the daring essence of the rodeo, offering a versatile accessory that adds a touch of rugged charm to any ensemble. "Bull Rider" necklace is a true embodiment of grace and admiration for the fearless athletes who challenge the mighty bull, symbolizing the enduring allure of this thrilling sport. With meticulous craftsmanship and the radiant gold, this necklace becomes a symbol of elegance and reverence for the fearless hearts who ride the storm. Wear "Bull Rider" to carry the spirit of courage and adventure with you, wherever you go, as a radiant reminder of the exhilarating world of rodeo.

Quick Specs:

1. 14K Yellow Gold
2. 18" Diamond Cut Cable Chain
3. Additional Jumprings at 16" and 18"
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